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Deepti Choudhari,
The Place is as its name very "Cozy". The service is very prompt and comfirting.
Colonel S. S. Kang,
Very Cozy place. I wish the roads were better than I can come more often. So thoughtfully made and Mr. Mahajan (Santosh) is a great help. We could arrive very late so missed out and more prolonged stay.
Sumedha Dandekar,
Excellnt Stay. Exceptionally clean and great service. Definitely will visit again.
Sandeep Javalgekar,
Nice Place! Very comfirtable, nice rooms, very good for our trip with friends. Suggestion : to look in the kitchen will be fine for foreigner and also for babys! Thank you very much.
Amit Ambulkar,
Excellent stay at Cozy Cottage. We were thrilled by such kind of facility in Konkan Region. Moreover the staff was very supportive & kind. They ensured us comfortable stay over here. As far as cottage is concerned it is very well architect and built. Also the Wi-Fi & professional touch is the icing on cake. Thanks.
Ashok Goswami & Bharati Goswami Kelshi is a beautiful village. Although remote it is endowed with tremendous natural beauty. The stay at Cozy Cottage was very enjoyable, basically because of hygiene, ambiance & cleanliness is well maintained. Staying in such a remote village would not have been possible otherwise. Customer's needs are taken into account very minutely. All the best, for future & congratulations for starting such a resort!
Mr. Amit Kshirsagar We had a prompt service night when we were In Poona. Contacted Mr. Mahajan. It was a pleasure to be here. Every smallest thing is been taken care of. We are surely going to visit again. Cleanliness is awesome. We thank once again Mr. Mahajan.
Mandar Joshi,
We liked the architecture of this rest house. Very nicely done. Thanks.
Asheesh Chauhan,
Viman Nagar
Excellent staff with very cooperative manager Mr. Santosh
Dr. Ganesh P. Dhavalshankh,
  1. Introduce Breakfast & should be complimentary.
  2. 2 bottles of fresh Bisleri should be given per room. Free of charge.
  3. Room tariffs are on higher side.
  4. Ambience and cleanliness is good.
  5. Politeness and hospitality is very good.
  6. If you want to raise your standard, in-house dinning is must.
Jitesh Talathi,
Excellent Location. You have grid well the building & providing Wi-Fi. Good space around the Cozy Cottage. Just modify with breakfast or lunch & dinner at Cozy will also very comfortable. It's a very good place.
S. S. Jadhav,
This location is very nice. You have built it very beautifully. There are many facilities in Cozy Cottage. I liked it !!! Next time I will definitely prefer this and it is well maintained. It would be nice if food served. We would like to visit Cozy Cottage again. Thanks
Kavalgikar Abhijit P. This is my second home, these are very genuine feeling. Mr. Mahajan has taken outstanding efforts to maintain this beautiful atmosphere. Excellent location, decorated with very sensibly and with personal touch. My daughter really enjoyed to stay here when she was homesick. Thanks once again to Mr. Vichare, Mr. Mahajan for making our trip memorable.
Manish V. Kelkar As we moved from Mandangad to Kelshi and the horrible road, I had only one wish… that the place should be nice & comfortable. Cozy Cottage didn't disappoint us. The place is very well done up and it. Still being new helps. The rooms are comfortable though they can be a bit roomy. I understand that the meal arrangement is outside but could have been good if it was in-house. The staff was courties and friendly and they tried to ensure maximum satisfaction for my family and our group. Sometimes we wish to be left alone but the staff didn't allow that. As strong "Must See" and "Must Visit" place cheers & all the best.
Sarah Chatinton & Andrew Moore,
A lovely stay – Thank You. It could not have been better. A wonderful stay on our cycle journey from Mumbai to Goa. Thanks.!