Right of admission is reserved with owner.
Swimming at the beach at your own risk.
Govt tax will be levied as and when applicable.
Use of dustbins inside and outside the rooms.
Charges will be applicable for any damage to gadgets fitted in or outside the rooms and used for lodging.
Right of refund reserved with the owner.
Right to fix and change price list without notice is with owner.
Liquor prohibited.
Not to indulge in any such act which would disturb the peace and harmony and ambience of the hotel as well as other guests accomodated.
Not to spit anywhere.
Not to scratch walls/plants/ flowers.
Clean cars with dusters only.
Not to eat or drink on Beds/ Pillows.
Cooking is not allowed in the Kitchen.
Not to keep or throw waste inside the bathroom.

The above terms and conditions are designed to serve you better and to avoid any discomforts on either side. Hope you have a beautiful and relaxing stay in our cottage. Happy Journey!