Deepak Vichare, a resident of Dapoli now, holds a post graduate degree in Agricultural Science. Prior to this he lived in Vile Parle, Mumbai for the purpose of education. His wife Sheetal who was originally from Mumbai has also spent over 30 years of her life in Dapoli.

The fact that they both were familiar with the living styles of rural and urban people proved a great advantage while planning to build 'Cozy Cottage'. They felt the pulse of the urban clients and understood exactly what they would want from a resort. Very rightly they selected Kelshi as their destination because it is endowed with tremendous natural beauty. Also there was no other resort with amenities such as AC/ Wi-fi and generator in Kelshi. One can experience the beauty of nature amidst the coconut and betel nut trees and at the same time enjoy the luxuries of all the modern amenities here. Expertise in agriculture is Deepak's forte which is coupled with the aesthetic sense of Sheetal which has culminated into this amazingly beautiful resort. A hidden agenda that both had in mind is to draw urban crowd to a remote village via this resort. Considering the fact that people seem to relish the traditional delicacies they decided to make provision for the same. Both being highly ethical have made it a point to complete all legal formalities before commencement of this resort. When so much thought has gone into the planning there is hardly any wonder that 'Cozy Cottage' stands out as a unique place to visit, stay and enjoy today in Kelshi.